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How did I start my business?

I wanted to share with ya'll how I have been able to create what I love to do into a full time job!


This is what the trailer looked like when I bought it!

It was nothing special, but i had a vision and a little help!

A special shoutout to the people near and dear to me that helped me from the start!




Our little helper!



So proud of the finished product!

I love that I get to share it with ya'll too!

Next, we built the greenhouse


After a lot of planning and a big leap of faith, I bought an old ice cream trailer. It took a few months to renovate this trailer to what I imagined it to be. I have truly enjoyed being able to put my passion and joy into my work and sharing this with my customers.

Hey ya’ll! I wanted to share with everyone how I started The Wandering Wildflower. As a kid, I remember growing up with my Grandma a big role model for me. When we spent time together, I would always go to her farm and visit her. We would walk through her greenhouses where she would grow her own flowers, and I remember being amazed by her. It feels like it’s in my blood to have a green thumb!

I never thought that I would turn this childhood interest into my job! At fifteen, my grandma passed away, which was a big change in my life. Around this same time I worked with my dad and found a job at Big John’s, which is another local greenhouse. I really saw myself excel and grow in this job. I loved being able to wake up and be outside and in nature everyday. I was able to learn from people at this job and this is where I was able to take my next steps.